Wilki Engineering has been established since 1972, and has been manufacturing standard and bespoke shredding machines for many applications ever since. We realised that there was also a demand for additional equipment to work in conjunction with our various range of shredders.

The company has moved into the manufacturing of bagging balers for use in the animal bedding industry. Bagging balers can handle various materials, including wood shavings, hemp, paper, cardboard, textiles and many other shredded products.

New for 2015 - Low Cost Complete Shredder Systems

Following increasing demand for smaller animal bedding shredder-baler systems we have developed the MINI Complete Shredder System. Ideal for small start up businesses, stables, farms, stud farms or part of a diversifying existing business. The MINI system produces around 20 x 20kg bales per hour, if you require higher output the MAXI Complete Shredder System produces up to 100 x 20kg bales per hour.